Clay Kits FAQ

Just in case you have any questions before (or after!) purchasing a Clay Kit from DCW, here are some points we hope prove helpful. Any other questions? Just get in touch.

Q. Will my Clay Kit be posted to me? There was no postage fee?
A. Our default option for Clay Kits is collection. You can find out more about how to pick up your Clay Kit here.

Q. Do you have other underglaze colours?
We do, but for ease we've supplied red, blue and yellow as standard - you can mix these colours to make orange, purple and green (like you would with paint). We're unfortunately unable to supply other colours for Clay Kits right now.

Q. I've made my work! How do I get it fired?
Email us and we'll arrange for your to come drop it off at the workshop - remember to bring your completed firing form with you. We'll then bisque fire your piece, glaze it with a transparent glaze, and then we'll fire it once more at a higher temperature. Then it's complete! We'll drop you an email to arrange for you to collect your finished work.

Q. How long will it take to fire my work?
At the moment, it'll take up to 4 weeks - our kiln queue is a little quieter given current circumstances, but we'll get it fired as quickly as we're able to.

Q. I left my clay unwrapped and it dried out - can I still use it?
Dried clay can be made re-usable as long as it hasn't been fired - it just takes a bit of work to bring it back to life by soaking it in water. However, we recommend avoiding letting it dry out by wrapping it up tight when you're not using it - much easier than trying to reconstitute it!

Q. Do you have any online tutorials I can follow?
A. We hope to in future, but for now we recommend taking a look at ceramic tutorials on YouTube - there are so many helpful clips about different techniques you can try for hand-building and surface decoration.